I went to Iowa Lakes Community College for the trip. We toured a dorm, a early education room, a mechanics place, and also a farm. It is very big but I don’t think I’ll go there because I want to go to Iowa Central then go to UNI because it is a good school for education.We go to make a fruit pizza which was really good. The college food was also very good. The thing that suprised me was that they had a farm and the students get to go there and work with the animals. The farm had cattle and pigs. It was fun to see what the cattle do. We didn’t get to see the pics though because they didn’t want to give the pis any diseases.They keep the mother pigs in a separate place than the baby ones, They have a thing that automatically has the pig food go into the barn. It was so cool to see what college life is like and to see what colleges are like. The funniest part of the trip is when I tripped and then Ellie put her arm out and I accidently scratched her. I think Iowa Lakes Community College is a great school but I would just like going to Iowa Central then UNI.